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Our mission...a diapering choice.

Though diapers may not be on the top of the worry list when you're expecting, it is a decision that will be made. I invite you to take a look not just at this site but check out all the infomation out there on the web and come to your decision. One of OBaby's most important goals is to provide a diapering choice. The more research I did the stronger I felt about diapering choice and my need to provide a choice that is sustainable, economically sound and better for baby's bottom. In working with you and your family we offer choices from providing our cleaning services to selling Happy Heiny’s diapers. Read more.

As a business member of the Real Diaper Association we at OBaby encourage you to take a look at their website realdiaperassociation.com where you will find a wealth of information in support of your cloth diaper choice. To paraphrase they are helping to change diapers one baby at a time.

I've been in the medical field for years and never thought of myself owning a diaper service. Until now. Since there is a need, I can and am filling it and now can't imagine not doing this. It feels good to be a part of the solution and making a difference not just for Nathan but for all of you that make this choice.

My 30 year old son’s Pampers are still in a landfill in Ohio and will remain there for hundreds of years to come. Sometimes moving forward in one direction is backward in another. Cloth diapers are better for baby and the environment. Cloth is softer; babies have many less rashes and potty train sooner. My first grandson, Nathan was born on January 9, 2009 and I want to help bring a change for Nathan.

Our Environment.

At OBaby we have a deep and sincere commitment to being gentler to our environment in all the practical ways we can and will continue to learn and search to find new and ever better solutions as we grow. Read more

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